Folding (Accordion) Glass Portal Doors

Folding/Accordion doors or folding glass walls, as some might call them,  provide the convenience of unobstructed opening without any interruptions.  Manufactured with the REHAU high-efficiency profile and triple pane sealed units, they will allow the beauty of the outside in without all the issues with the weather. Just move them off to the side to have your outdoor/indoor living become one barrier-free room, or just operate one panel, the choice is yours.


Folding Doors – “accordion” – a convenient and elegant solution for large doorways (up to 4 m wide), which allows you to divide the room into zones, and vice versa, to combine them if necessary. Usually, such doors are used for glazing gazebos, access to the pool or the terrace.

Structurally, such doors consist of several sashes (height up to 2300 mm, width up to 900 mm) connected to each other in an accordion fashion. Depending on the opening scheme, they can be folded both in one direction and in both directions at the same time. At the same time, if there is no need to use the entire structure, you can open only 1-2 sashes.

Folding Doors – “accordions” can be made in any mounting depth (60 mm, 70 mm, 80 mm, 86 mm), provided the correct combination of profiles is used.
Despite a large number of moving sashes, the “accordion” door in the closed position provides optimal sound and heat insulation.