Entrance Door

Why would you choose Permanent Windows Solutions (PWS) doors? These doors are perfect for high-traffic areas as they are basically impact-resistant. Available in standard colours and wooden designs. With different types of designs, it will make your door unique at no extra cost.


PWS doors are made with PVC, High-pressure laminated (HPL) sheets bonded together using adhesive and heat. PWS doors are inherently fire-resistant, making for a great application for your home or business. They are easy to clean and maintain. PWS doors are virtually maintenance-free, simply wipe them down with mild soap and water to keep them beautiful for years to come.


Fusion-welded corners and steel-reinforced frames ensure strong frames that are airtight and water-resistant. Welded corners secured with special joints with threaded bolts ensure durability with high burglar-resistant characteristics and great thermal and sound insulation. With the peace of mind of high impermeability, security, and durability in our harsh Canadian winters, you can feel confident you made the right choice.


Each door had two REHAU double compression hermetic seals. PWS  weatherstrip will remain pliable for many years. Also outfitted with GU multi-point locks, which provide locking at multiple points around the door frame. When you purchase a door from Permanent Windows Solutions, your door will be complete with multipoint hardware, locks, fully adjustable hinges and paint or stain.


Our doors are great applications for healthcare facilities because of their resistance to bacteria, which helps to make them hygienic. The doors can be installed in kindergartens, schools, and hospitals since they comply with international environmental rules and regulations.


The doors have the benefit of being corrosion-resistant, won’t yellow or crack, and are fitted with thermal break inserts in the threshold, they are environmentally friendly and an excellent architectural solution.

Made from sustainable materials, Permanent Windows Solutions doors are environmentally friendly. You can choose your standard thermal insulated profile, or a Passive Home option is available for those who need it.


Technical Data Brillant Geneo
Frame Depth 70mm 86mm
Sash Depth 70mm 86mm
Filling panel thickness 40mm Up to 52mm
Maximum sash dimensions (W & H) 1400mm & 2400mm (W & H) 1400mm & 2400mm
Air Permeability A3 A3
Water tightness Maximum pressure differential = 180 Pa (DP 25 – 3.75 psf) Maximum pressure differential = 220 Pa (DP 30 – 4.50 psf)
Wind load resistance Design pressure = 1440Pa (DP 30) Maximum pressure differential = 2160 Pa (45.11 psf) Design pressure = 1440Pa (DP 30) Maximum pressure differential = 2160 Pa (45.11 psf)
Thermal insulation W/m2k 1.14 W/m2k 0.75



You can choose your panel, glass and hardware today with the utmost confidence. Available in a variety of sizes, you can feel confident about purchasing Permanent Windows Solutions doors.