Double/French Garden Doors

Double/French Garden doors can be opened either inside or outside, whichever application fits your application the best. You can also choose one operable door or both. Connect them to additional panels all the way up to 14 feet. You can dream it, we can make it.  Given you energy efficiency, sound resistance, durability and environmental friendly.


  • Fusion welded corners
  • Steel reinforced frames
  • Fully adjustable hinges
  • 2 hermetic seals around the frame and sash
  • GU multi-point locks complete with hardware and lock
  • PVC maintenance-free frames
  • Outswing doors c/w 32mm triple pane glazing units
  • Provide more light than North American Garden Doors


Available in a variety of colours and woodgrain finishes. Permanent Windows Solution doors are easy to maintain, just wipe them with mild soap and water to keep them beautiful for years to come. They won’t corrode, peel or yellow. High burglar-resistant, great thermal and sound insulation. 

European-style garden doors are renowned for their timeless design. They will complement either traditional or contemporary styles. They will allow more light to filter into your home.

If you are looking for seamless indoor/outdoor living, Permanent Windows Solutions Double/French Garden Doors is what you need.