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Tilt and Turn windows

Tilt-and-turn windows can be opened in multiple directions, allowing for greater ventilation and saving on heating and cooling costs. Tilt-and-turn windows can be opened in multiple directions, allowing for greater ventilation and saving on heating and cooling costs. When you tilt the window, it only opens at the top; the bottom remains closed. This allows […]

Bay & Bow Windows

Energy efficient. Attractive. Environmentally responsible! These are just a few words that describe Permanent Windows Solutions Bay or Bow Windows. These handcrafted bay and bow windows feature our energy-efficient, multi-chamber window profile. Your window will be custom-made for your home, so you can choose which window, if any, you would like to operate. A bay […]

Tilt & Turn Garden Doors

You loved your European Tilt & Turn windows, now, Permanent Window Solutions can provide you with Tilt & Turn Garden Doors. Your main operational door will Tilt at the top for ventilation while still providing security. With the second door, you can open with just a quick lift of the leaver, leaving you with a […]

Patio Doors

Synego Sliding Patio Doors are compression-sealed patio doors making them excellent for large openings, balconies, porches and terraces and sliding all the way open, not stopping reducing the opening like a standard sliding door system. With a maximum of 4 m (13 feet) wide x 2.4 m (8 feet) height and the benefit of a […]

Entrance Door

Why would you choose Permanent Windows Solutions (PWS) doors? These doors are perfect for high-traffic areas as they are basically impact-resistant. Available in standard colours and wooden designs. With different types of designs, it will make your door unique at no extra cost.   PWS doors are made with PVC, High-pressure laminated (HPL) sheets bonded […]

Double/French Garden Doors

Double/French Garden doors can be opened either inside or outside, whichever application fits your application the best. You can also choose one operable door or both. Connect them to additional panels all the way up to 14 feet. You can dream it, we can make it.  Given you energy efficiency, sound resistance, durability and environmental […]

Lift & Slide Glass Portal Doors

With the ability to accommodate extra large openings, width up to 10 meters (32 Feet) and height up to 2.8 meters (9 Feet), the Lift & Slide Portal door system gives you the opportunity to move the mass of the sashes extremely smoothly and easily. Just turning the lift & slide handle 180 degrees downward […]

Folding (Accordion) Glass Portal Doors

Folding/Accordion doors or folding glass walls, as some might call them,  provide the convenience of unobstructed opening without any interruptions.  Manufactured with the REHAU high-efficiency profile and triple pane sealed units, they will allow the beauty of the outside in without all the issues with the weather. Just move them off to the side to […]

Design options

There are many non-standard window shapes, which can be either opening or non-opening. Some examples of shapes are rake heads, triangles, half rounds, quarter rounds, hexagons and circles, just to name a few. If you can think of it, Permanent Windows Solutions can create it. Also, due to the advanced, high-efficiency profile, we can open […]

Picture windows

High-quality European picture windows offer clear, unobstructed, non-opening windows.REHAU design profiles will allow for small to large non-opening windows. Whether you have one window or multiple windows connected together, virtually giving you a wall of glass, Permanent Windows Solutions’ (PWS) design will help protect you against the elements. All PWS picture/fixed windows come with triple-pane […]